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Moving Bed Biological Reactor Technology (MBBR) and Its Benefits in Waste Water Treatment

By March 6, 2020 No Comments

To live a sustainable life on earth, we have to reduce water wastage and find effective ways to recycle and reuse wastewater. Water treatment systems for domestic and industrial wastewater have existed for long, and technology is improving the systems each passing day. The traditional water treatment techniques, such as the activated sludge process (ASP), are being improved to treat water more effectively and serve more clean water to people around the globe. Thanks to the advancement in technology, today, we have a more advanced technology dubbed MBBR (moving bed biological reactor).

MBBR is a more effective technology for industrial water treatment systems. It is used for secondary treatment of domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater. Moving bed biological reactor, also referred to as a moving bed biofilm reactor, results in more quality treated water. MBBR eliminates organic compounds found in municipal wastewater that are detrimental to our health and that of animals, upon consumption.

The organic compounds eliminated by the moving bed biological reactor technology include ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), and total suspended solids (TSS). The removal of these organic compounds also ensures that aquatic life is not destroyed if the treated wastewater is disposed of in water bodies. The biological process of MBBR makes the process an effective water treatment solution, and more people are adopting the technology for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Here are more benefits of treating wastewater by utilizing moving bed biological reactor technology.

1. MBBR is Echo-Friendly

Given that MBBR is effective in BOD/COD removal, and also plays a vital role in nitrification, it helps keep animals and plants that consume treated water, safe and healthy. Of the 70% of the water on the earth’s surface, only 3% is fresh water that humans and animals can consume safely. This makes it even more important to treat wastewater. The treated water can be used for subsistence or commercial farming. You can also use the MBBR-treated water for watering your lawns and trees, giving your home clean air and a beautiful landscape.

2. MBBR Takes up Less Space

Unlike traditional water treatment systems that may occupy a lot of space, MBBR is designed to fit in more rigid spaces, almost one-third of space other treatment systems occupy. Consequently, moving bed biological reactor technology can be utilized in densely populated cities where there is lots of wastewater but no space to install large industrial water treatment systems.

3. MBBR-Treated Water Is Healthy

Water treatment techniques like chemical dosing, which are meant to prevent health problems that may occur as a result of consuming treated water, are more effective in MBBR. As a result, there are fewer health concerns from the consumption of MBBR-treated water as opposed to the other forms of treatment.

4. Supports Aquatic Life

For fish and other aquatic life to thrive, they need clean water. A good number of human beings rely on selling fish to earn their livelihood. Therefore, as the fish thrive in clean water and multiply in numbers, fishermen catch more fish. In turn, they make more money from the sales. The benefits of water treatment trickle down to our families’ health and livelihood.

5. Supports More Domestic and Commercial Uses

Utilizing moving bed biological reactor technology provides us with more clean water for our subsistence use. By doing so, we get to reduce water wastage as clean water can be used for other purposes. These purposes include farming, automobile cleaning, watering plants, construction industries, and cleaning of public utilities such as schools. Mainly in densely populated cities, clean water may be scarce, and treating wastewater may be the only solution to solve the water challenge.

Today, more people are relying on MBBR to provide clean water. The technology is fairly new, but its uptake is high, as more people seek to take advantage of this futuristic water treatment method. Moving bed biological reactor technology is gaining traction as people look for better water treatment methods to have more clean water in their homes.

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