PolyAccu Dose® System

Dry Polymer Feeder

Reliable Chemical Dosing with PEWE

The PEWE PolyAccu Dose® DP and DL Systems are designed for efficient dry chemical make down for water and wastewater treatment. The key to solution generation is the application of the correct mixing energy and time in the proper amount of water, every time. By getting these three factors right with features such as the Active Blend Blade flash mixer, the PolyAccu Dose® System assures reliable chemical dosing.

It is through consistent results chemical use is kept to the effective minimum. Built with sturdy stainless steel and polypropylene, the system will withstand years of use in harsh working environments. Completing the unit is the PEWE Command Control® panel. The automation provides precise dry feed to the wetting and dosing pump while keeping the drawn emulsion mixed and in suspension.

7 Reasons PolyAccu Dose® is Best

  • Effective Powder Blending
  • Positive Auger Feed System
  • Widest Feed Range Possible
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Chemical Corrosion Free Decking
  • Manual & Automatic Feed Models
  • Easy Care & Maintenance

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of chemical feed system. We are happy to discuss your wastewater treatment needs and determine the system that can best address them.

PolyAccu Dose Dry System - Square

PEWE Proportional Feed

The PEWE PolyAccu Dose® System is designed for proportional chemical feed based on input from your flow monitoring systems. Dosing pumps can accept 4-20ma control signals.

Compact Self-contained Skid

The PolyAccu Dose® DP and DL Systems are manufactured as a stainless steel skid mounted system for compact and easy installation.

PEWE Dosing Products

PEWE manufactures a multitude of chemical dosing systems and products. Model sizes are based on desired liquid feed rates, viscosity and temperature. Chemical dosing systems are available for pH control, nutrient feed requirements, odor control, and wastewater coagulants, flocculants or other admixtures.

The PEWE Positive Prime Feed System is also available as a stand-alone unit for upgrading your existing chemical dosing system. Spend lower maintenance time with……


PolyAccu Dose® Dry Polymer Feeder System

Units: English or Metric

Model Use Flow Rate
Other capacities and configurations available. All models capacity designed @ 70F.
Polymer: (GPH)
DP-100 Dry Polymer 100
DP-200 Dry Polymer 200
DP-300 Dry Polymer 300
DL-100 D. Poly/L. Coag 100/0.5
DL-200 D. Poly/L. Coag 200/1.0
DL-300 D. Poly/L. Coag 300/2.0
Model Use Flow Rate
Other capacities and configurations available. All models capacity designed @ 21C.
Polymer: (LPH)
DP-100 Dry Polymer 379
DP-200 Dry Polymer 757
DP-300 Dry Polymer 1136
DL-100 D. Poly/L. Coag 379/1.9
DL-200 D. Poly/L. Coag 757/3.8
DL-300 D. Poly/L. Coag 1136/7.6