SuperSkreen® SSB

Bar Screens

PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB

The PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB bar screen is typically placed at the headworks (entrance) of a wastewater treatment plant. Bar screens are used to remove large objects such as rags, plastics bottles, wood, solids, toys and other debris from the waste stream before entering the treatment plant. The SuperSkreen® SSB may be sized for wide variances in flow conditions such as both normal sanitary and storm water.

PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB Design

The PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB Bar Screen consists of a bar/flight screen, rack and frame carrier assembly, and a variable speed mechanical drive system. The SSB will be supplied with a flanged solids discharge chute. The SSB is designed to removal large solids from the waste stream without jamming. The unit will utilize a chain driven transport to deposit solids and allow the liquid to drain off directly.

PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB Operation

The PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB Bar Screen receives influent and the incoming solids are systematically captured and swept up and out of the stream. Free liquid is allowed to drain back and the solids dropped down a discharge chute. Solids are conveyed by the flights towards the discharge section. The liquid is collected and and removed from the drainage section directly to the channel further processing. The PEWE SuperSkreen® SSB bar screen may be supplied with Command Control® RX panel. When turned to the ON position the unit will run continuously. When turned to AUTO the unit will start when the level sensor is tripped (closed circuit) by sufficient water depth. The unit will continue to run on an operator selected time delay after the upstream level has lowered the water level such that the float trips (open circuit). The spray wash shall turn ON/OFF based on an operator selected repeat time cycle.