ASO® Cirus! MBBR

Mid-Size Wastewater Treatment

Domestic Wastewater System

The ASO® Cirus! moving bed bioreactor wastewater treatment system is a continuous flow design utilized for the reduction of soluble organics and nutrients. The key to the system is the US Patented media which provides a “home” for biological colonies of bacteria and protozoa to grow and flourish. The media are contained within the above-grade serial tank system where they are immersed. Water flows via gravity from the EQ basin through to effluent discharge. A gentle submerged mixer evenly applies the water to the media throughout the anoxic zone. Next a coarse air dispersal system aerates the media via a stainless steel grid for continuous application of oxygen to the bio-colony. Simple DAF clarification removes solids for efficient operation of the domestic wastewater treatment system.

MBBR BOD & Nitrogen Removal

The ASO® Cirus! provides control of the system with PEWE Command Control®. Initial treatment begins with reduction of excess BOD from the wastewater. A level transmitter on the incoming EQ tank allows the PLC to then send water to the treatment plant as needed. The de-nitrification or anoxic stage is facilitated by a media agitating mixer. Next a quiet blower incorporates optimal dissolved oxygen levels while mixing the media during the nitrification stage. Final DAF clarification is achieved by floatation of solids for later collection with a heavy duty precision timed pump.

Many MBBR Applications

The ASO® Cirus! patented media technology provides reliable, cost effective long-term wastewater treatment. Whether desert or arctic conditions, the ASO® Cirus! MBBR can be configured for the world’s most remote places. Applications include municipal, residential, community, commercial and industrial.

ASO® Cirus! Benefits:

  • Applications flow; 0.05 – 0.50 MGD
  • Ship by truck, rail, sea
  • Simple plumbing and electrical connections
  • Serial MBBR tanks no problem to install
  • Versatile for many effluent applications
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • High energy efficiency

Contact us today to learn more about the PEWE ASO® Cirus! MBBR. We are happy to speak with you about your specific system requirements and help you find the ideal system for your needs.

ASO® Cirus! MBBR System Specifications

Units: English or Metric

Model MGD Min ft2 ConfigA
All models designed for: 75 BOD, 200 TSS, nil FOG, avg @ 60F
MO-50 0.05 1,600 ft2
MO-100 0.10 2,500 ft2
MO-150 0.15 3,600 ft2
MO-200 0.20 4,225 ft2
MO-250 0.25 6,375 ft2
MO-500 0.50 12,000 ft2
Model m³/day Min m2 ConfigA
ASO models designed for: 75 BOD, 200 TSS, nil FOG, avg @ 60F
MO-50 189.3 148.6 m2
MO-100 378.5 232.3 m2
MO-150 567.8 334.5 m2
MO-200 757.1 392.5 m2
MO-250 946.4 592.3 m2
MO-500 1136.6 1114.8 m2