AugerConveyor AC Unit

6″ to 12″ Shaftless Screw

PEWE Innovative Quality

The PEWE premier line of AugerConveyor AC units cover a wide range of flow capacities. The unique technology built into each AugerConveyor AC screw system maximizes solids throughput capacity. With the replaceable UHMW wear surface the AugerConveyor AC achieves excellent longevity.

PEWE products and systems are designed in-house and produced under tight quality control. Support services are provided for product life.

PEWE is an innovative leading company in the field of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems. PEWE offers products worldwide to the food, petrochemical, pharma, metals, electronic, and other industries along with the municipal market.

PEWE AC Unit Technology

The heart behind the AugerConveyor AC’s screw technology is the precision spiral design. Based on physical principles, the design creates the specific conditions for conveying semi or solid material ranging from 20% to 65% total solids. The solids rise up the slick UHMW wear surface angled at the maximum 25 degrees and discharge out the top mounted chute. This allows for 10, 20, and 30 cubic yard roll off dumpster to easily clear the chute. Guard covers protect the auger.

PEWE Screw & Chassis System

The AugerConveyor screw and chassis is available in both AISI 304 stainless steel or corrosion resistant carbon coated steel. All units come with guard/covers, flanged discharge port, support framing, and lifting lugs for easy positioning, hook-up and service access.

AugerConveyor AC Unit

Model % Utility Capacity
6 inch Shaftless Screw
AC-6 45 52 cfh
95 108 cfh
12 inch Shaftless Screw
AC-12 45 441 cfh
95 932 cfh
All models designed 20% to 65% solids.