Wastewater Screening Equipment

      PEWE Process & Wastewater Screen Systems

PEWE SuperSkreen® process, water, and wastewater screening equipment should be placed at headworks of industrial and municipal treatment facilities to receive the influent stream. Screens are primarily used on process, water, and wastewater flows for removal of solids and debris. This protects against blockage or damage to pumps and valves. Screens also unload large suspended solids which, in turn, means reduced downstream equipment sizing, increased capacity, chemical efficiency, and biological efficacy. Some PEWE screens may even be utilized for product or material recovery.

The following factors should be considered when selecting which types of PEWE SuperSkreen® wastewater screening equipment should be applied:

  1. Size and composition of solids in the flow.
  2. Solids and debris loading on the screen.
  3. Protection of downstream equipment.
  4. Effect on downstream treatment systems.
  5. Head loss of the screening system.
  6. Pumped versus gravity influent flow.
  7. Effluent capture and further transport.
  8. Solids capture and further transport.
  9. Solids compaction requirements.
  10. Manual versus mechanical cleaning.
  11. Maintenance and labor requirements.
  12. Climate conditions for screen operation.
  13. Utilities required.

PEWE Process & Wastewater Screen Applications

  • EGG
  • MEAT
SuperSkreen® SSE
SuperSkreen® SSI
SuperSkreen® SSP
SuperSkreen® SSC

SuperSkreen® Coarse Screening Systems

PEWE SuperSkreen® coarse screening systems include the SSB bar screen model. The SSB is specifically designed for efficiently removing gross solids and debris greater than 14” (6mm) that can jam or damage downstream equipment. PEWE SuperSkreen® coarse screens feature heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless steel construction for both municipal and industrial applications. PEWE SuperSkreen® Coarse Screening Systems can be fitted with optional enclosure covers, flanged gas ports, environmental protection and a variety of automation.

SuperSkreen® Fine Screening Systems

PEWE SuperSkreen® fine screens include the SSC channel, SSE externally fed, SSI internally fed and SSP parabolic/side-hill models. These screens are designed for removing solids less than 14” to 110” (6mm-0.25mm) in size depending upon wedgewire selected. These screens remove large volumes of insoluble material from process or wastewater flow. PEWE SuperSkreen® fine screens are used for product recovery, fat removal, high solids load removal, sludge thickening, and mixed settle-able solids for both municipal and industrial applications. PEWE SuperSkreen® Fine Screening Systems can be fitted with optional enclosure covers, flanged gas ports, environmental protection and a variety of automation.

PEWE SuperSkreen® Innovative Quality

PEWE has specialized in manufacturing quality process, water, and wastewater screen equipment since entering the water treatment marketplace back in 2007. Additionally, we hold US Patents #8431022 and #9962631 for the design of our DAF water treatment equipment, as well as 21 registered trademarks. PEWE is proud to offer our clients the full array of process, water, and wastewater screening equipment to the industrial and municipal market today. PEWE’s high quality products and systems are designed in-house and produced under tight control.

The entire PEWE liquid/solid separation equipment product portfolio includes wastewater screens, plate settler clarifiers, oil/water separators, sludge solids dewatering filter presses, biological MBBR and control automation.  PEWE offers products worldwide to the food, petrochemical, pharma, metal, electronic, and other industries along with the municipal market.  If you’d like to learn more about our selection of SuperSkreen® wastewater screening equipment, our other wastewater equipment or to discuss your particular water treatment needs contact us.  One of our experienced team members will be happy to help you.