Regenerative Turbine Technology

Why Regenerative?

Simply put, the MAX RGT® regenerative turbine pump offers the highest efficiency gas dissolution into a fluid without cavitation. The pump applies a combined triple action force (centrifugal, axial and friction) to the gas and fluid during a single pass through the pump head. Whether applying atmospheric air, nitrogen or other gases to water, and/or other fluids, the MAX RGT® saturation level is the highest possible. This performance proven technology is especially well suited for Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Membrane Water Reuse Systems and Hydro-carbon Oil Recovery Systems.

MAX RGT® Features

MAX RGT® pump features include stainless steel or iron materials, flanged ports, MaxiMix™ gas injection, premium efficiency motors and economical seals. Models below 30gpm (113 l/m) are close coupled uni-body. Models 50gpm (189 l/m) and larger are flex coupled skid mounted packages. MAX RGT® are available in capacities ranging from 10gpm (38 l/m) to 265gpm (1000 l/m) with operating heads in excess of 280 feet (125 psi or 8.6 bar). Made In USA.


Areas of Application

The MAX RGT® pump can be successfully applied in a number of industries including food and beverage, electronics, laundry, municipal, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, petrochemical and resource extraction, as well as many special process applications.


Closed Coupled Pumps

  • MAX RGT-10
  • MAX RGT-15
  • MAX RGT-20
  • MAX RGT-30

Flex Coupled Pumps

  • MAX RGT-50
  • MAX RGT-65
  • MAX RGT-75
  • MAX RGT-120
  • MAX RGT-185


The large impeller gap allows passage of fine suspended solids, minimizing wear and tear. This is a big benefit in wastewater aeration applications.