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What Affects the Efficiency, Use, and Management of a Wastewater System?

By December 23, 2019 No Comments

oil and water separatorData from a recent survey indicates that, by 2020, about half of the wastewater assets and facilities may be beyond the midpoint of their useful lives. Therefore, such water treatment systems will need immediate replacement. However, replacing an oil and water separator is not an easier undertaking.


If you are planning to replace an oil and water separator this year, you need to be cautious so that you can get the right water oil separator system. This article discusses some of the factors that affect the management, use, and efficiency of an oil and water separator.


1. Design Capacity


Design capacity is an important factor that you will need to consider when you are buying oil and water separator. You need to make sure that the system you are using in your facility has a high capacity for storing the sludge and the oils that will accumulate during separations. In most cases, the storage compartments may become saturated, which is not the ideal situation for any separation process. A good separation unit should have the necessary capacity to hold all the products generated by the entire system.


2. Frequency and Intensity


When you are buying an oil and water separator, you cannot ignore the frequency and intensity of the entire system. You must aim to ensure that you have a maximum flow rate that will help you to achieve maximum separation from the unit. Most available systems have one of the requirements set higher than the other one, which significantly impacts the separation process. Your goal is to make sure that the oil and water separator components in your system work with a higher frequency and intensity.


3. Emulsifying Agents


Most of the agents used in the water equipment are not very conducive to work with. Some of the detergents and soaps can sometimes affect the separation unit, which will lower its effectiveness. However, it is important to highlight that most of the solvents are used to increase the solvency of the oil and grime in water. If you don’t have the most reliable solvents, it will take longer for the oil and water droplets to dissolve with ease. You should focus on getting the right solvents so that water can dissolve with ease.


4. Periodic Maintenance Practices


Just like any other system, there will come a time when your system will experience difficulties in undertaking its normal duties. Periodic pumping of water and oil within the system will one day render your oil and water separator inactive. It is high time you make sure that your systems work as expected. The amount of repair and maintenance required should help you to determine whether the system works for you or not. You should not bother getting a system that will adversely affect your operational expenses.


5. Environmental Pollution


In the last few years, environmental protection and sustainability have become issues of concern. In as much as you are focusing on separating oil and water efficiently, you should make sure that you do not have negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Most of the industrial water treatment systems have been known to have adverse impacts on the environment. They release harmful products to the surrounding such as sludge, wastewater, and oil. Get an oil and water separator that does not have adverse effects on the surroundings.


6. Type of System


There are different water treatment systems for you to choose from. Therefore, before you commit your money to a given oil and water separator, you need to be sure of what you will be installed in your property. Focus on having equipment that will not need immediate repair and maintenance. It is also essential to avoid a water treatment system that requires significant technical input.


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